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Chase Bliss Audio Automatone CXM 1978

Chase Bliss Audio Automatone CXM 1978

Brand: Chase Bliss Audio

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Our favourite new pedal/effect from the past few years: astonishingly good!

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Product Description

"What Chase Bliss and Meris have achieved is stunning. While a vintage Lexicon 224 still has that certain something, this gets you close, doesn't cost the earth (while taking up less space than the Lexicon's remote) and, unlike the wonderful but cantankerous 224, it always works first time on power up! It's fast and intuitive to use and I love it. Essential purchase if you love quality reverbs (even if you have a studio full of originals as this can be taken out live or on your pedalboard)."

A truly great piece of design and engineering. Our favourite new pedal/effect from the past few years. This is a future classic and 100% worth the investment.

From Chase Bliss:

What happens when Chase Bliss partners with the geniuses at Meris to create a pedal adaptation of the beloved and famous 1978 studio reverb? The CXM 1978. Known around here as the next Automatone.

1978 was a big year for reverb. The dawn of sprawl, massive trails, and infinite decay. The CXM 1978 reaches back to that moment, allowing you to explore the charm of those late 70s imperfections. Using the Automatone’s robust industrial housing and Meris’s pro-audio level sound design, the CXM 1978 offers a modern take on its inspiration.

Features include moving faders with presets and MIDI control, 32 Bit AD/DA, three classic algorithms, adjustable decay crossover for fully shapeable reverb tail, expression pedal control, optional fully balanced I/O, stereo input and output, and internally boosted +/-15V rails for line level input.

Dimensions: 5.75" x 6.5" x 2.5"

Takes a standard 9v DC 500mA power supply (not included).


Brand new!

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