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Bird Talisman

Bird Talisman

Brand: Bird

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A rather lovely looking, if somewhat basic, 1960s valve amp. Serviced and with the design improved to make it useable. Best for low volume use. Our tech said “jazz” so take from that what you will 🙂

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Product Description

Because we liked the look of this amp we modified it to make it a useable low volume amp.

Our engineer's report below includes the extensive work done and his review of the amp generally. So, in his own words, before he started on it, it was: "another Bird classic – awful design, glorified radio speaker, super dark, super noisy, polite in volume...

Even after totally redesigning the grounding scheme it was still pretty buzzy as the volume and tone were in front of both gain stages which were effectively wide open all the time. So, I moved the volume and tone controls to between the preamp and output valves, and all the noise has gone.

Tone control also redesigned to make it less dark. It’s still fairly dark, and having only one EF86 as the preamp it’s not terribly loud and doesn’t break up all that much even flat out (I doubt the speaker would handle this too well anyway), so might be best used for jazz...

Still, a vast improvement on how it was, though I say it myself...

Valves are both good – Mullard EF86, GEC EL84, generic EZ81 rectifier."

Sold "as described" with no further warranty on this item.



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Good condition generally with some marks etc on the vinyl covering. See the detailed photos for more information.

Voltage Information

220/240v unit. A step-up transformer will be required for use on 110/120v supplies. Please ask if you need advice on what to use. We do not recommend using cheap, generic Chinese mains transformers.


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