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Brand: Binson

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Product Description

Valve (tube) Binson Echorec 2 model T7E disc echo dating from the mid-late 60s in excellent condition and superb working order. It's just been calibrated for optimum performance and sounds great.

The T7E Echorec 2 is one of the finest machines Binson produced and it is increasingly-rare to find a good one. This unique modified machine is an excellent example for the sonic adventurer, maybe less-so for a Binson purist.

The previous owner moved the record head and added an extra record head for longer delay times.

There are two switches that allow the machine to operate in 3 different configurations:

1. With the original rec head switched in it's a stock Echorec 2 but with longer delay times;

2. With just the second rec head, it's an Echorec 2 with even longer delay times;

3. With both heads switched in, you open up a whole new palette of multi-head repeats.

As a result of the modifications you have 36 delay patterns to chose from as opposed to a stock machine's 12.

Given their rarity and increasing value, modifying an Echorec 2 is not something I would usually recommend (unless it's fitting a vari-speed motor), but this was done many years ago and executed quite cleverly. I was expecting to remove the extra head and sell this as a very clean, un-modified Echorec 2 in good working order (and gain a valuable spare record head). However, it works so well that as a Binson-lover who enjoys sonic experimentation, I felt it would be a shame to mess with this unique and enjoyable machine - probably the only one of its kind.

It's sporting some original Mullard ECC83s internally, but the case is a modern replacement, as are the plates that hold the plexiglass fascia in place.

It sounds wonderful and inspires creativity when you play through it - whoever buys this will be getting a great machine in top operational condition which should give many years good service. Being a good quality vintage valve unit, it also sounds wonderful as a pre-amp.

The motor starts reasonably well - it can be a little slow off the mark when first switched on, but quickly gets up to speed and spins happily and without issue once warmed-up: this is not unusual with these old machines. It will go into self-oscillation on certain settings if required (this can be adjusted via the internal trimpot for more subtle or extreme effects, but it's been set-up for optimum performance) and is capable of all sorts of cosmic noises - Binsons do tend to encourage experimental noise-mongering. The repeats are not hifi - this is after all 50 year-old technology - if you want perfect repeats, buy a digital delay.

These machines need regular use and maintenance to remain in good working order.

It has a voltage selector so can be used anywhere in the world without modification.

If some of the wording below seems familiar, it's because other sellers have taken to copying my descriptions verbatim for their Ebay listings. This description is relevant to this machine only: T7E serial number 2244.

We have sold dozens of Echorecs in the past ten years; we understand how they should sound and function. Along the way we've learned that many Binsons sold online as working well (even ones that have been serviced and rewired) are not always up to scratch.

We guarantee that this machine will not disappoint.


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