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Brand: Binson

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This Baby Binson was completely restored by the late Eric Snowball at ESE Music (Binson UK) a few years ago. Eric had a well-earned reputation for Binson servicing and restoration, and his refinished machines look stunning with new paintwork, re-covered cases and new knobs – cosmetically, this ESE Binson is about as close as it’s possible to get to a brand new original Binson.

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Product Description

This is the best Baby Binson I've had and has been one of our two benchmark machines. I'm parting with it because our Binson tech can now service and calibrate Binsons to the highest standard and we no longer need two benchmark machines so I’m slimming down my collection.

It is in superb cosmetic condition (see the many detailed photos) and excellent working order: it’s just been serviced and calibrated by our Binson tech and is ready to ship.

Whoever buys this will be getting a great machine in top operational condition which should give many years good service.

It has been converted to ¼" jack inputs/outputs and the mains socket is an earthed IEC socket to comply with modern safety requirements. The front fascia is in superb condition and all the knobs are undamaged. It has a voltage selector so can be used anywhere in the world without modification.

The motor starts well and the disc spins smoothly and quietly (some machines can require a nudge to get started if they've not been used for many months). It will go into gentle self-oscillation if required (this can be adjusted via the internal trimpot) and is capable of all sorts of cosmic noises - Binsons do tend to encourage experimental noise-mongering. The repeats are not hifi - this is after all 50 year-old technology - if you want perfect repeats, buy a digital delay. It sounds fantastic and inspires creativity when you play through it - being a good quality valve unit, it also sounds wonderful as a pre-amp.

These machines need regular use and maintenance to remain in good working order.

There are currently no operational issues with this unit at all, but please be aware that these units require looking after and that regular maintenance is the key to keeping this in good working order.

For optimal performance, the jockey-wheel, motor pin and flywheel should be kept clean; the magnetic band should be regularly cleaned and oiled; the heads should be regularly cleaned.


See description and photos.

Voltage Information

Switchable voltage for use anywhere in the world - it will be set up ready for you to use before we ship.


For sales in UK/EU, this item is on the margin scheme for second hand goods. VAT-free sales are not possible for this item.

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