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Audio Kitchen The Flying Squirrel

Audio Kitchen The Flying Squirrel

Brand: Audio Kitchen

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In stock and ready to ship. The Flying Squirrel (TFS). It’s big, and it will not slot onto your micro fly-board, I’m afraid, but that was never its objective. The impetus was to create the biggest-sounding, richest, fruitiest, most syrupy, decadently harmonic drive and fuzz pedal Audio Kitchen could deliver.

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From Audio Kitchen:

This is not an ear-buds pedal, it is a BIG MONITORS TURNED UP LOUD pedal. The go-to when others leave you bereft of inspiration. A catalyst to propagate an idea from just a germ into blossom. Agreed, these are big words and grand ideas, but the moment I stop battling to make something sonically outstanding, is the moment I holster my soldering iron. And how does it sound? If the extreme settings of TBT are an autumnal storm tearing through a forest, TFS is a dray of flea-bitten, rabid pariahs, clawing their way down a blackboard. The fact that Dave Grohl used his prototype for the main riff on Foo Fighters’ ‘Run’, is very gratifying but it’s early days in the life of TFS and I have high hopes that like TBTs before them, TFSs will find use in all kinds of unlikely tasks. What kind havoc will they get up to? That’s down to you.


All valve, Class A preamp.
Output impedance < 1KOhm Valves: ECC82, ECC83, EL84

Gain, Baxandall-based EQ – “Tail” (bottom), “Teeth” (top) , “Dirt” (output headroom control)
Clean line out level attenuator, Squirrel line out level attenuator
Hi/Off/Lo Boost Switch, Triode/Pentode switch, Fly Switch

Mains Power Requirement:
240V @ 50HZ, 250mA Voltage switch fitted as standard switchable to 115V @ 60Hz, 500mA
Durable, portable die-cast aluminium enclosure

Dimensions Approx:
222mm x 145mm x 102mm (W x D x H)
8 3/4″ x 5 3/4″ x 4″ (W x D x H)

Weight: 2.5KG (5.5lbs)


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