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ARP 2500 (Model 2002) and Keyboard (Model 3222)

ARP 2500 (Model 2002) and Keyboard (Model 3222)

Brand: ARP / Moslab

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Rare chance to buy a player's ARP 2500 - a hybrid machine consisting of a vintage cabinet/keyboard and special order Moslab modules. This offers all the heft and beauty of a vintage instrument but with the reliability of new modules built to exacting specifications. 

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Product Description

This is a hybrid machine consisting of a vintage cabinet/keyboard and modern modules made recently by Sebastien Moumon at Moslab in France.

The Moslab modules follow the original design and the original schematics can be used for servicing (there are a few caveats where orginal components were no longer available).

The modules were a special order to ensure compatibility with vintage modules, so older 2500 modules can be dropped in next to the new ones if desired.

The keyboard and cabinet are vintage (Model 2002 cabinet serial no. 008) Keyboard (Model 3222) circa 1970.

The cabinet/keyboard were bought new direct from Tonus/ARP instruments by US Free Jazz Pioneer Paul Bley in 1970.

Only around 20 x Model 2002 cabinets were produced before the design was changed to incorporate a full metal frame (model 2515).

Around 100 x units of the later 2515 were produced making the Model 2002 much more desirable in terms of collectability.


The cabinet was fully serviced and restored by Phil Cirocco in the US approx 7 years ago. As part of the work Phil -

Replaced the original power supplies with International Power modern linear units.
Changed all front panel retaining bolts and facia socket bolts.
Serviced/cleaned all matrix switches, panel sockets.
1002 power module on/off switches replaced in order to properly support 220V operation.
Keyboard fully serviced, cleaned, bushings replaced, keys levelled etc.
Cabinet/Keyboard woodwork restored.

Cabinet and Keyboard Serviced in May 2024 by Keith Kniveton at Lucidsound in the UK.

Modules included are -

2 x 1004P VCO
1 x 1004T VCO
1 x 1047 Multimode Filter/Resonator
1 x 1006 Filt-Amp
1 x 1005 Mod-Amp
1 x 1016 Dual Noise/Random Generator
1 x 1046 Quad Envelope
1 x 1036 Sample & Hold/Random Voltage
1 x 1050 Mix Sequencer
1 x 1027 Clocked Sequential Control
1 x 1002 power (vintage)

Comes with all interconnect cables (power, keyboard power, keyboard data, serial sync cable from 1027 seq to 1050 mix seq).

Operation manual (photocopy) and letter from Tonus/ARP instruments demanding final balance payment signed by David Friend!

Please note. the power supplies in this unit are not switch mode, if a buyer intends running this unit at 110V some work on the power supply will be needed (we can quote for this if required).

Broker sale for the owner so VAT does not apply


In excellent condition - please see photos and read description or get in touch for more info

Voltage Information

240v unit but can be set up for either 120 or 240v operation by request


Brokerage item - see detailed description for more information on tax status of this sale.

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