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API 2488 Vintage Console (Early 70s)

API 2488 Vintage Console (Early 70s)

Brand: API

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Rare chance to secure a well-maintained API 2488 console in excellent working order. In regular use until June 2020; ships with fresh service and tech report. True split console: 28 channels to mix; 24 channel monitor section. Rumoured to have been built for and used by Bob Moog when he was teaching at University of Massachusetts Lowell in the early 70s. Completely rebuilt in 2011 for the current owner by Bob Alach; routinely maintained by former API employee, Nikhil Ranade.

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Product Description


  • 28 channels to mix (24 line in / 4 echo return)

  • 24 channel monitor bucket 

  • 8 busses 

  • 2 cue sends & returns 

  • There is a 'delay' section on the echo returns that can be used to make feedback loops dub style, or add additional effects in the return chain. A send level pot allows you to control the amount of 'feedback.'

  • 4 switchable on/off aux sends per input channel. Global pre/post switch. All are routed through master echo send on each individual input channel (single concentric pots on channels 1-17 & dual concentric on channels 18-24)

  • 4 echo return channels

  • Comprehensive master section

What's Included:

  • 15 EQs total with (12) 550A and (3) 554

  • 525 stereo compressor (2)

  • New Master fader fabrication(October 2017) via Jeff Bork (former API Employee)

  • 1 spare 440 input module fader

  • New Power supply with global phantom on/off switch

  • 812 monitor modules: 16 x Silver; 8 x Black 

  • 528 input modules: 16 x Silver; 8 x Black  (one of the 528 modules is a 528C)

  • Echo Return Modules (4)

  • Cue Module (2)

  • Studio module (1)

  • Master Module (1)

  • Master monitor module w/ echo return  (1)

  • Oscillator (1)

  • Talkback microphone (1)

  • EQ cards (13) (to be able to use channels without an eq inserted)

  • All cabling included with 128 pin connectors fanned out to DB25 & XLR  (Mogami wire + connectors)

  • Console frame including military patch bay which has been electronically cleaned by Bob Alach, as well as a few jacks replaced, black metal stand, faux wood trim, 6' black leather armrest

  • Original schematics & instruction manual

Maintenance since 2011:

  • All new low noise, gas, sealed relays

  • All new upgraded switches

  • All new upgraded sealed or refurbished pots and faders

  • All new upgraded capacitors to lowest ESR type and films.

  • All modules disassembled, cleaned and fully tested for proper function, low noise and distortion.

  • Restoration of EQs,  Channel Amplifiers, All Console Modules, the Frame and Power Supply

  • All lamps replaced

  • Patchbay ultrasonically cleaned and treated with Cramolin

  • Routing Maintenance:  Nikhil Ranade, former API employee, also able to answer any questions.


This is a brokerage sale by Soundgas on behalf of the owner. The desk is not at Soundgas and we have (sadly) not had a chance to play it ourselves. As such, we can offer no guarantee on this item beyond the 14 days you have to assess it. We only work in this way with trusted clients who really understand their gear. That said, it is the buyer's responsibility to confirm details provided in the listing by the seller are to their satisfaction - if you have any questions at all please let us know before we arrange shipping.

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In excellent cosmetic condition, please see photos or get in touch if you require more information on condition.

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