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AMS RMX-16 Digital Reverberation System

AMS RMX-16 Digital Reverberation System

Brand: AMS

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Later version of this legendary digital reverb; V4.0 ROM set included. In excellent working order following a thorough service by an exceptional UK technician, highly regarded for his work with the top echelon of electronic artists.

V4.0 ROM set - we have these: they are included in the price and will be installed before shipping. This will require a few days before it is tested and ready. This upgrades it to a total of 17 programs (another 8 programs on top of the original 9 - see below for the full program list).

This unit is in superb condition with only very minor signs of age or wear, see the photos for details and the engineer's report below for more info.

Finding a vintage digital AMS rack unit in top operating condition is becoming ever-harder; 'cheap' examples can be found online, but they can require a great deal of tech time, and sometimes fixes are simply not possible. When released, these were the cutting edge of digital technology; AMS designed and built these with great care and attention to detail and they swiftly became ubiquitous in studios worldwide. The RMX-16 can be heard on thousands of recordings from the 80s to now, and was certainly one of the core studio staples that defined the musical soundscape of the 80s. Today RMX-16s can still be found in regular use in top studios worldwide and their sound is still so coveted that Universal Audio have now collaborated with AMS to produce the UAD plug-in version.

Currently set to 240v operation.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING: These units can be tricky to ship and we would prefer collection or delivery in person. If shipping by courier, we will pack with exceptional care - as always - however the buyer must be prepared for the possibility of having a technician re-seat cards or perform other tweaks on arrival. If you are in the UK then collection in person is an option, or we may wish to deliver by our independent courier who is experienced at handling delicate equipment.

Please get in touch to discuss before buying if you are more than 30 miles from the M1/M25, or outside the UK.

The operation manual can be found here. A printout will be included with the sale.

Engineer's report: Serial Number: 5359 (Circa 1992)

Unit delivered in untested ”as seen” condition. Unit visually inspected and thoroughly cleaned externally and internally. NB: 5359 is a later unit fitted with a factory spec switched mode PSU and electrolytic decoupling caps. CPU board showing significant corrosion to pcb tracks due to leaking MemPac battery. Front panel loose, rear surface of display window dirty, significant amounts of old foam residue over mainboard. Display lens cleaned, bottom chassis cover removed, all cards removed, chassis cleaned and vacuumed. Old battery removed and corrosion/debris removed with brush and isopropyl alcohol in several applications. Affected tracks tested for continuity. Tracks tested ok - new battery fitted. Preset memory store/recall/power off retain tested ok. Unit soak tested for several hours.

Please Note: It is very important all vintage AMS RMX & DMX series rackmounts are powered for at least an hour at least every 6 months or risk of NVRAM battery leakage is greatly increased. It is highly recommended the battery is replaced every 5 years as routine maintenance on these units to avoid severe damage to the processor card.

V4.0 Program List:

1. Ambience
2. Hall A1
3. Hall B3
4. Hall C1
5. Room A0
6. Room A1
7. Room B1
8. Plate A1
9. Plate B1
10. Image P1
11. Nonlin 2
12. Reverse 1
13. Reverse 2
14. Chorus 1
15. Echo A
16. Delay
17. Freeze

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