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Brand: Ampeg

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Ampeg SVP-PSB in full working order and very good condition.

Bass preamp designed by Ampeg for bass legend Billy Sheehan.

Spec from the manual:

(see the full manual here)

A unique piece of gear for the discriminating bassist, with two separate channels – clean and overdrive – and the ability to combine the two channels into a third, at the touch of a button. We even gave each channel its own effects loop and level-controllable balanced XLR output jack. In designing the SVP-BSP, we were careful not to lose the harmonically rich sound of Ampeg’s SVT bass amps. This dynamic preamp still delivers unsurpassed quality, reliability and tonal flexibility, and offers the classic vibrancy of tubes as well as many new features.


In the world of high performance bass amps, Ampeg’s SVT amplifiers stand alone. Keeping with true Ampeg tradition, the SVP-BSP Bass Preamp offers you more performance and flexibility than any other preamp in its class.

PAD: Perfect for basses with active electronics or very “hot” pickups

MUTE SWITCH: Cuts the sound from the preamp, letting you tune your bass in private

TWO SEPARATE CHANNELS: Choose between the clean channel, the overdrive channel, or both, for a wide variety of sounds

COMPRESSOR SWITCH: Evens out your volume by governing the dynamic range of the preamp

ULTRA LOW, ULTRA HIGH AND GAIN BOOST SWITCHES: For additional tonal flexibility – lets you further tweak your sound

VARIABLE MIDRANGE SELECTOR: Custom select your center frequency point to get just the right midrange voice

GATE SWITCH: Keeps things quiet in between bass riffs

FOOTSWITCH CONTROL: Use a two-button footswitch (like Ampeg’s AFP-2) to control channel selection and muting

TWO EFFECTS LOOPS: Lets you add your effects to either channel

TWO PREAMP OUTPUTS: Each channel has its own 1/4” jack to send its signal to separate amps/speakers if desired

TWO TRANSFORMER-BALANCED XLR OUTPUTS: Each channel has its own XLR jack (with level control) to send a balanced signal from the preamp

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