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Ace Tone MP-4

Ace Tone MP-4

Brand: Ace Tone

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Sorry it's gone. We may have another in stock or on the way. Please enquire below (or check our weekly Gear Update for incoming rarities).

Potential distortion beast. Functional but needs a service to get it to its full filth potential.

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Product Description

Powers up, passes audio. Based on how good other Ace Tone mixers of this era are this has the potential to be a filthy distortion monster after some care and attention.

Pots very dirty. Spring reverb works well (when dirty pots allow!). All channels seem to to something. Definitely needs a service although the crackle, crunch, grunt and growl from it right now may you may put it straight to work...

Has some kind of mod on the first channel.

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Used condition. See photos for more info.

Voltage Information

100v Japanese model - it will run on North American mains 115/120v without a transformer (we run all our tests using 120v power); however, a step-down transformer is recommended for extended use. A step-down transformer is required in the UK/EU. We do not recommend using cheap generic Chinese mains transformers and can supply a high quality UK-made unit if required.


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