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HH Slider Echo (Short Loop) Soundgas Replacement Tape Loops

HH Slider Echo (Short Loop) Soundgas Replacement Tape Loops

Brand: Soundgas

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Product Description

Supplied in packs of two or four loops.

This is a drop in replacement for any HH Slider Echo (Short Loop Version) supplied by us. If your machine was not supplied by us, then it is possible that it may require further set up work to run correctly (most HH Slider Echoes need a service to be reliable).

We have sourced unused and dry-stored original Scotch 3M 156S formulation tape stock as revealed in our recent blog.  Now available in limited quantities.. The splicing tape is almost as important - we've spent a good deal of time researching the right type to give the best performance. As fitted in all our machines.


Brand new product.

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