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This is a superb, rare muSonics badged Minimoog from 1971. Serial number 204: in great condition, perfect working order, fully tested, calibrated & guaranteed....Read more

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 So this lovely Minimoog has sold, but they are our favourite analogue synth and we should have another for sale or coming up soon. You can see our current stock of analogue synthesisers here, but if you don't see what you want please contact us for a current stock list which will include incoming units available to reserve.

Soundgas are pleased to offer for sale this stunning early "MuSonics" badged Minimoog Model D in excellent cosmetic condition and perfect working order.
 It's in a finely-crafted Claro Walnut case (the original case was beyond repair), and has been extensively overhauled by a respected synth tech in the USA. Serviced by a top engineer and in superb operating condition.

It was completed in August 1971 by 'Kip' at the R.A. Moog Inc. plant at Trumansburg, NY.

It's a 110v USA model.

All hardware looks to be original (aside from the case). The attack and decay controls were incorrectly-wired from the factory - the attack knob controls decay and decay knob controls attack: it has been left in this original state (a simple fix to put right, but we felt it to be part of the synth's history/identity - as did the US synth tech who worked on it previously).

Extensive work had been completed on this synth before we bought it to ensure reliability and practicality - this is an early Moog you can play: the tuning and tracking are very impressive for a Mini of this age with its original oscillator board.

All boards have had new metal film capacitors and new electrolytic capacitors.

The trimmers have been changed on the VCA, VCO and power supply boards improved fine tuning.

The filter board has rematched transistors and sounds stunning.

An octave buffer board has been added to the octave selector which, together with the additional wiring on the switches makes for greater stability.

Did we mention that the filter sounds gorgeous?

This Moog synth sounds and plays every bit as good as it looks: a practical classic and solid investment. The filter is slightly smoother and creamier than later Minis - this Moog has that classic rich larger than life sound.
There are no known operational faults with this unit.
(Please note: it is always possible with vintage equipment that
some crackly pots/sliders may develop over time when equipment has not
been used - even during a short delivery period - this can usually be easily rectified either by use or with Caig Deoxit spray).

We also currently have two other Minis with original oscillator boards from 1972 and 1978 available.

Detailed photos are below - Youtube demo to follow.


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