Yamaha CS-80 For Sale

Yamaha CS-80 For Sale

This was originally a post about Mike Hedges' CS-80 which we sold some time ago, however right now we have two CS-80s found in storage up for auction.

Auction Information & "A Tale Of Two CS-80s"


All the pictures and info below relate to Mike's synth.

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Yamaha CS-80

We are very excited to be handling the commission sale of this stunning instrument from Mike Hedges. It has quite an illustrious history having been used on many classic recordings that Mike produced. It was also toured for a while, so while it isn't in perfect condition cosmetically, most importantly - especially so with a CS-80 - it has been extensively-overhauled and brought back to top working order. This is no small endeavour - the complexity of these beasts is not for the faint of heart - but this one has been attended to by one of the UK's top synth techs and is playing beautifully and sounds superb. Yamaha CS-80 The cosmetic condition overall is very good, but there are battle scars that tell this instrument's story - thought the wooden panel has just been beautifully refinished by an antique furniture expert and looks stunning. There are scuffs and scratches to the finish, and the tolex case has some wear/damage (and has been modified in the past). The photos were taken before a replacement was found for the broken VCF slider on channel two - it is now installed. There's a chip off the corner of the preset lid, but this doesn't impede use. Overall it's a magnificent and imposing presence in our office - Tony is secretly hoping that it remains here long enough for him to complete his Vangelis tribute album. The full set of photos are at the bottom of this post - please ask if you need to see something not shown in the shots. THIS ITEM IS NOW SOLD - WE HAVE POTENTIAL BUYERS FOR ANOTHER OF THESE BEAUTIFUL INSTRUMENTS - IF YOU HAVE ONE AND WANT US TO LOOK AT SELLING ON COMMISSION THEN PLEASE GET IN TOUCH. Yamaha CS-80 Yamaha CS-80 Yamaha CS-80Yamaha CS-80Yamaha CS-80Yamaha CS-80Yamaha CS-80Yamaha CS-80Yamaha CS-80Yamaha CS-80 ========== Tony Miln is the co-founder (& Head Gear Head) of Soundgas. See/hear him in action on Instagram.
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