Soundgas RE-402 Stereo Space Echo Announced

Soundgas RE-402 Stereo Space Echo Announced

It’s coming. Get first look at what we’ve been working on in our secret lab. A real stereo Roland tape echo…

Towering in the background of the video above (click on the image to watch now) is something that makes me very happy indeed, and is definitely not an April Fools’ gag although we released the first video on April 1st😉. It is Dr Huw’s latest masterpiece, the Soundgas Roland RE-402.


I’ve been using his proof of concept twin RE-101 – that’d we’d dubbed the RE-202 (a name that is now very much taken) for over a year now – you can see it hiding in plain sight in several videos from the studio – but this is next level.


A two channel stereo Space Echo. One tape, one motor, two chassis – with full vintage Roland preamps, spring reverb etc – and with individually selectable head patterns for each side from the stereo heads.


This is a prototype – we have a few more things to add, like an internal mix function for ping pong delays (I’m using the desk sends to feed each side back into the other right now) but it is already absolutely joyous and easily the best tape echo experience I’ve had.


How many will we make, how much will they cost? The price of unrestored 201s has more than doubled in the past two years and good machines are getting harder to source. We are unlikely to build vast numbers of 402s. They will be offered to mailing list customers first as it is your support over the years that enables us to make things like this happen.


Naturally these will feature our usual RE tricks and upgrades like the early preamp mod which promises to make them the ultimate Space Echo.



That’s it for now, but we’ll add more info to this posts as we have it. No need to email because we’re not taking names for these yet (and we already know you want one).


When we release the first few preorders it will be via our mailing list. If you’re not on it then you’ll miss it.


If you’re looking for a Roland tape echo serviced to a high standard (some to well beyond factory spec) we usually have some listed for sale, but if you don’t see the model/spec you need then get in touch now. All are supplied with 12 month warranty, our original Roland specification tape and ongoing service support.

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