Live Q & A Sessions - Space Echoes & Binson Echorecs

Live Q & A Sessions - Space Echoes & Binson Echorecs

We’ve been waiting to find someone to help us filming and producing high quality videos for IGTV/YouTube, but we’ve been receiving so many questions that we felt it better to get going now. Please forgive the rough and ready nature of these videos: we hope you enjoy the content. We’re running live sessions on Tuesdays at around midday-1pm GMT. You can email or message us with your questions or suggestions for topics/demos you’d like to see. We began with Tony answering questions about Roland Space Echoes (and will doubtless return to this topic in future), answering such queries as:
  • “What’s the difference between early and later Space Echoes, and how can I tell if my Space Echo has the early preamps?”
  • “What tape should I use in my Roland Space Echo?”
  • “How often should I change the tape loop in my echo?”
  • “How long does a tape loop last?”
  • “What happens when the tape gets old?”
  • “What should I check if my echo stops working?”
  • “What to look out for when buying Roland Space Echoes?”
  • “What are common faults with Space Echoes?”
Watch both parts of the Space Echo Q & A below:
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Live Q&A with Tony Miln from Soundgas

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Last week’s session was all about Binson Echorecs - specifically what to watch out for when buying/dealing with old Binsons - we’ll cover maintenance and care in a later show. Tony fired up an old machine and advised on how to stay safe when dealing with Binsons. We showed what happens when the recording wire starts to come off the drum and what the infamous decaying wiring insulation looks like.
  • “What to look for when buying a Binson”
  • “How can I tell if a Binson has bad wiring?”
  • “What’s inside the drum? How does a Binson record?”
  • “How does a solid state machine compare to a valve Echorec 2?”
  • “How can I safely ship a Binson?”
All this and more in three parts (some yet to make it to IGTV). Watch part one of the Binson Q & A now. Part two is uploading as we write this and will be added to this blog once it is live.


This week we covered the Grampian Type 636 and Soundgas Type 636 - we’ll be uploading these to IGTV very soon… Stay tuned for more Live Broadcasts from the Soundgas Studio on Tuesdays… If you want to get involved in future episodes and watch them live then keep an eye on our soundgasltd Instagram feed, send us your questions and then tune in! ==============


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