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Binson Echorec


We are Binson specialists. With many years' experience restoring, tweaking, fine-tuning and using these machines, we have serviced and sold more Binson Echorecs to satisfied customers worldwide in the past decade than anyone else. We have also spent decades investigating and understanding the various models so we can restore and improve them to bear the Soundgas seal of approval.

OK, so what is an Echorec?

Binson Echorecs are amazingly-engineered machines: where a tape echo’s input sound is recorded to tape, on a Binson it is recorded onto a circular spinning disc which has replay heads positioned around it. It is possible to select single and repeating echoes or reverb-like swells – these units have a sound all of their own. They look fantastic at night (or on a darkened stage) with the magic eye valve glowing green and the backlit plexiglass fascia.

Binsons were one of the must-have pieces of equipment for bands in the early sixties, alongside the Fender Stratocaster and Vox AC30. Famously-used and abused by Barrett, Gilmour, Waters and Wright of Pink Floyd in the 60s and early 70s (Echorec 2s are very much in evidence on Live at Pompeii and can be seen on photos from many Floyd live shows), Binsons are increasingly sought-after today by studios, mix engineers and producers for their unique sound. The great mix engineer Michael Brauer (Stones, McCartney, Coldplay) famously has an Echorec 2 in his arsenal of vintage delays, and we have supplied Soundgas Echorecs to many top international artists and studios.



This section of the site will grow as we gather all our Binson information together in once place.

Some of the information here first appeared in Tony’s blog post: Buying a Binson Echorec – Modern Pedal or Vintage Machine?

For more head to:

And you can see a large number of the many machines we’ve sold if you search Binson…


Soundgas Approved Binsons?

Every vintage Echorec we sell represents a substantial investment of several experts’ time and effort: an extensive overhaul or complete rebuild by an experienced Binson engineer, followed by additional work and modifications in our workshop under Dr Huw, then further calibration and fine-tuning: Tony’s personal attention being the final arbiter of whether a Soundgas machine is ready for its new owner. Every Soundgas Binson comes with full after-sales support (including manual, maintenance notes and personal advice as needed), and we guarantee that every machine will be second-to-none, sonically and functionally. You WILL find cheaper “serviced” machines available, but you will not find better (we have seen enough others, and had feedback from their buyers, to be absolutely confident in this statement). And we back it up with our 12-month warranty and lifetime support thereafter.

Binsons For Sale

Below are the Echorecs we have available right now and a few of the many we’ve sold over the years. We always have machines at various stages of restoration, and increasingly the most in-demand examples don’t make it to our website and are sold on preorder, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch now.


"The Baby Binson sounds so amazing!!!! The preamp on it is really special and the repeats.... <3 <3 <3 Thank you so much for the awesome work you and your team put into this! She’s found a new home - now I’ve gotta save up for the 603 you have, can't imagine the preamp on that!"

Jeremy Tan



We posted a whole page of Binson Echorec demos, but here are a few to get you started:

Binson Echorec T7E

A Soundgas Echorec T7E in action. These valve machines (and the later valve P.E.603-T) are the ultimate machine for the Binson sound.


That Pedal Show meets Soundgas Echoes

When Dan came to the studio to try some of our effects...

Binson Echorec Guitar Demo

A quick test of a P.E.603-T with guitar.

For a lot of information online about Binson construction, history and technical detail on restoration we recommend Phil Taylor’s Binson pages on the Effectrode website.

And for a (nearly) definitive guide to the bewildering number of models and variations that Binson produced there is AudioExMachina’s Echorec Bible.



Examples of stems through various Binson Echorec models in our studio.


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That’s just a tiny selection of some of our recent Binson output on our Instagram feed. As we have to do so much testing of every machine they feature there a lot – also keep an eye out for Instagram Live videos of extended tests.


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