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This page gathers all our blogs, gear pages and resources together in one place. A treasure trove of information about vintage music gear which you can filter in various ways here, or use the search (top right) and select "search resources". Lots more schematics, and other useful or curious finds to come!

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“Zero Head Gain” & Roland Tape Echoes

What do we mean when we say a Roland Space Echo has “Zero Head Gain” and why is that so special? A short delve into the world of tape echo servicing...



Soundgas Type 636P Manual

The one page "manual" that comes with our Type 636P germanium preamp - our zero-compromise recreation of the legendary Grampian mic preamp circuit.


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Tascam M-208 & 216 – Adding Direct Outputs

How we add a direct output modification to the classic Tascam M-208 and M-216 mixers. Adding this mod allows the wonderful character of the channels to be accessed more easily and connected individually to your DAW.


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Roland Tape Echo Pinch Rollers

We need to talk about rubber, how to change it, and why it’s so important to the long term health and performance of your tape echo. And because size does matter.


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Choosing a Vintage Mixer

A demo-heavy post singing the praises of the humble compact vintage analogue mixer. Featuring Teac, Tascam, Boss, Sony, Yamaha and more...


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Roland Tape Echo Tips, Tricks & Tales

Some of the nuggets of wisdom we've picked up as we've overhauled, tested & sold hundreds of tape echoes, as well as using them in our studio for many years, not to mention swapping tips with top musicians and producers around world.


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Which is the Best Tape to Use in a Roland Echo?

All tape is not equal. Many (most?) tapes available online do not perform well in Roland echoes... Based on our experience working on hundreds of tape echoes and trying many tapes, this is the answer to the question: Which is the best tape loop for my Roland (or Korg!) tape echo?


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Stereo Tape Echoes?

We are regularly asked "do you have a stereo tape echo?" or "can I get a stereo pair of tape echoes?", so we thought we'd put our answer and some demos here for easy reference.


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Grampian User Tips

Some useful info for using a Grampian 636 in a modern studio set up. By no means a full user guide, but this should help you integrate this old piece of kit into a modern set up.



Mu-tron Bi-phase Setting & Recall Sheets

Scans of the three original settings sheets for the mighty Bi-phase, plus a blank recall sheet to print and use.



Surrey Spectrum Shifter Manual

A scan of the manual for this rare piece of equipment (similar to a Bode...).


Sound Clips

Steal These Wavs! Free Samples…

Readers' wavs. Not drowning - just wav-ing. Use your sat wav. Etc. Recordings of old music gear doing things. Make something cool with them and send it to us.

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Echo Fix EF-X2 vs Space Echo RE-201

Our new vs vintage tape echo comparison video is now live on YouTube: the Echo Fix EF-X2 against Soundgas Serviced Roland RE-201 Space Echo and RE-501...

PUBLISHED: 26th Aug 2022


Soundgas News

Introducing the Soundgas B Channel

We aim to help more musicians access great vintage gear by providing an alternative that is both affordable and trustworthy, and hope to be part of...

PUBLISHED: 12th Jul 2022



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