Offered for sale is this Silvertone 1457 Amp In Case Guitar from the early sixties (1962-66) in very good...

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Offered for sale is this Silvertone 1457 Amp In Case Guitar from the early sixties (1962-66) in very good cosmetic condition and excellent working order (please see detailed photos). 

These iconic guitars are legendary – made for Sears Roebuck by Danelectro – featuring two lipstick pick ups which highly-regarded for their distinctive powerful tone – this is a great slide guitar. The 3 watt amp in the case has a has a 6″ speaker and is in excellent working order – it’s surprisingly pleasing to play through with plenty of character. Most of the valves are orginal. The amp has been serviced and earthed for electrical safety (it’s a 110v US unit).  

Given that these were budget starter guitars, it’s surprising how well they play and sound – thankfully you’re not limited to just using the amp in case: plug into a decent amp and you’ll soon understand why they’re so highly-regarded. 

This one’s got a few dings, scuffs and scrapes, but overall looks very good. There’s a tear in the cloth covering the front of the case. The guitar’s extremely light, which makes it very comfortable in use – this is not at the expense of tone/sustain, which is excellent for what was an entry-level catalogue guitar.

Much favoured by slide players, Silvertone amp-in-case guitars have also been played by Jimmy Page, Jack White, Mick Jagger, George Harrison and Beck.

This amp is an original vintage USA 110v model and will require a step-down transformer to operate at 240v (easily available online).


Shipping discount available if paying by bank transfer.




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