This is probably my favourite overdrive pedal: the Lovetone Brown Source for sale in good working order and...

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You missed it!


This is probably my favourite overdrive pedal: the Lovetone Brown Source for sale in good working order and condition.

A gem of a pedal that just thickens up guitars, keys, vocals in a very natural way and getting increasingly hard to find – they were discontinued years ago.

Lovetone were master pedal-makers and designers. Seek them all out if you can: you won’t be disappointed.
It’s my go-to pedal in the studio for thickening overdrive – love it on anything: guitars, bass, synths, drums, harmonica… It’s in good condition, has a few scuffs and scratches (see detailed photos).

As used by Ed O’Brien of Radiohead and The Edge of U2 amongst many others.


In Lovetone’s own words:

The BROWN SOURCE™ is an instant flash-back to that dynamic, singing, BIG late 60’s / early 70’s brown sound that is associated with countless classic records spanning the whole musical spectrum. It offers unparalleled purity and touch sensitivity and an uncannily warm “valvey” grunt with the absence of the unnatural fizz associated with most overdrive pedals. There is also a very tangible sense of electricity (remember that!?) as it piles on the pylon factor. It responds extremely well to filter changes (producing a throaty “voice box” type distortion) and consequently works an absolute treat with a wah in front – and will make any new guitar sound 30 years older!

Because of its large image size irrespective of volume, and natural communicative response it makes an ideal recording tool or “desert island” companion. Three classic ways to use the Brown Source with a guitar are for snap crackle and “pop” into a clean amp, dripping fat into a cooking amp and controlled feedback with singing harmonics into a driven amp. In the studio it can perform amazing transformations on the most unlikely time travellers, or blended in with the straight signal it can be used to add a touch of dirt to those unfashionable clean cut sounds!



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