Frostwave Funk-A-Duck

Rare. Wild. Quackers. This rare pedal (made in Australia by the now defunct Frostwave) has a reputation for having...

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Rare. Wild. Quackers.

This rare pedal (made in Australia by the now defunct Frostwave) has a reputation for having something of a steep learning curve, and it’s perfectly possible to get either no signal at all or speaker-shredding frequencies. But we found it pretty easy to get to grips with, if more than a little unpredictable, and in between the extremes are some superb possibilities for throaty analogue rumbles and sweeping auto-filter type effects.

Loosely based on the Korg MS20 filter, essentially it uses an envelope-control filter to produce a wide range of analogue-sounding textures. The input causes a control signal to be generated, which goes up and down as the input signal loudness contour goes up and down. This in turn sweeps the filter frequency back and forth. So yes, it’s pretty wild with guitar or bass, and from our experience it’s great with beats through it.

We’ve not managed a demo yet but it’s on the list to get done (and of course you’ll find some on youtube).

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