Mirano Echorex MK-101 Echo Chamber

It's truly extraordinary. It's the work of deranged Italian geniuses who were very clearly driven at least partly...


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It’s truly extraordinary. It’s the work of deranged Italian geniuses who were very clearly driven at least partly by the urge to prove that it was possible to fit two entire Binsons on one case. We will probably not see the like again and there’s every possibility that the number of these that are in existence and in full working order can be counted on one hand.

So yes, this is the legendary Stereo Binson Echorec. Our Binson tech spent countless hours getting it back to working order; the insides didn’t match any schematic we have and had been partly made by cutting down and adapting components and boards from other units; tere was little room for manoeuvre inside, and of course all the rewiring, calibration and alignment had to be done twice. The result was a technological wonder sounding superb, and a tech who said he’d never, ever work on another of these if we got one.

It was sold before we managed to list it here, but we wanted to get some photos and get it up so we have a record that it came through our hands. Once it was serviced we spent a few days testing it – you can see one of the instagram demos below and there are more in our feed. Obviously we realised that selling it was a huge mistake (albeit one we had to make given how much we’d invested in it); but we also realised that we’re still not entirely sure how the two sides interact and are linked. We assumed initially that it was just two separate Binsons, but with repeated use there seemed to be some sort of strange voodoo going on and, in the absence of a schematic, we could have done with many more hours to delve into the sonic possibilities of this remarkable piece of equipment.


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