Questions About Voltage & Converters...

Some of the gear we sell needs a voltage converter of one sort or another – you will see details in the listing about what is required and what we do or don’t include with each item. Other gear we can switch or convert internally, either as part of the service (included in the sale price), or sometimes as an add-on. If you have any questions about your purchase get in touch.

We do sell voltage converters for running both Japanese and US gear in the UK and in Europe. We almost always have them in stock – you can see the units we stock here, however you will notice that they are out of stock; this is because they are only available to our customers. Unfortunately we cannot sell them to anyone else, simply because we are too busy and don’t have time to deal with the queries and admin they generate.

We’re going to add more detail here soon. For now this is a holding page to try and make our approach with voltage converters clear. Here’s roughly how it breaks down. Email us if you still have questions:


Using US or Japanese gear in the UK or Europe:

  • I am buying something from you; can you supply the converter I need? – Yes, it may be included in the price or we may need to do a custom order for you.
  • Check the listing or get in touch. These are the converters we supply and recommend. We do not recommend using cheap, generic voltage converters with any audio gear, but especially not sensitive/valuable vintage items.
  • I already checked out; can I add a converter? – Yes, just drop us an email. I bought from you in the past and need a converter; can you help? – Yes, if you are a customer then you are special and we will do our best to help.
  • I am not a customer – can I send you a question about what converter I need for my Japanese equipment? – Sorry, no – we don’t have time to answer. You can find lots of useful info online.

US and Canadian customers:

More info coming here soon, but the short version is that, where we can’t switch or convert items for you, we recommend buying your external converter in North America is it will much cheaper than one from us. Our US tech recommends “Power Bright” units which are available from many online retailers.