What is the B channel?

Our answer to rampant vintage gear price inflation.

Too many unserviced (or barely serviced), average condition pieces touted at – and waaaay over – top market prices.

The Soundgas B Channel features the same great gear as usual – checked, tested, assessed and shipped by us – but we’ve not performed our usual deep servicing routines and offer no extended warranty (beyond your usual rights).

Read more about what we’re doing and why on our blog.

Why? Because it is becoming ever more expensive to deliver this service – to the point where much of what we sell is beyond the reach of most musicians.

 The Soundgas B Channel is here to source and supply the best examples we can find, but at a reduced price.

We aim to help more musicians access great vintage gear by providing an alternative that is both affordable and trustworthy and hope to curb some of the worst excesses we are seeing online.

 We will still be offering our highest level of servicing and refurbishment on most items – and it will be very clear from the listing description if an item is B Channel.
We’ve started with a pair of Roland Junos – a 6 and a 60 – priced lower than most others on Reverb in less good condition – plus a selection of cheaper effects and other items.

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