Ursa Major 8x32 Digital Reverberator Manual

Ursa Major 8x32 Digital Reverberator Manual

The Grand Canyon, a concert hall, and two reverb plates… are just a push button away.

Yes – welcome the world of the Ursa Major Digital Reverberator. The manual is below but you can download the pdf version here. Love the cover, and it’s a great example of early digital reverb tech. The four presets are great on this box (and all can then be tweaked). The final one , “Space”, is the Grand Canyon referred to on the cover of the manual. No, they didn’t actually get an impulse response from the real Grand Canyon though – it just maxes out most of the settings, and (to quote the manual which says it so well):

“pulls out all the stops to create a surprisingly large, echoing, long-decaying acoustic environment. Space is superb with legato sounds, such as lush string sections, organs, synthesizers, or even vocals set against a shimmering background of sound. With the Space program, early reflections can be made to echo and ricochet (sic!) with great clarity, and a maximum decay setting of 20 seconds lets sounds linger in the air almost indefinitely.”

Of course we love all the Ursa Major racks, especially the mighty Space Station (we have one of those, plus a Stargate 323 in our Studio). We’ll be adding more info about them all when we have the time, but you can see some of the Ursa Majors we’ve had through here.

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