Market Electronics (Maestro) Echoplex EP-2 Instructions

‘Instructions for use of “Sound On Sound” Echoplex’ – a scan of the original instructions for an EP-2 valve tape echo.

“Echoplex, product of careful engineering, endorsed by the leading musicians, will enhance the musicians artistry.” – so says the manual, and a well set up valve Echoplex can be a wonderful thing. Tony’s studio unit is a much treasured effect that is used in all sorts of ways. Another very “playable” echo (like the HH Slider) and with fabulous tone. (Meanwhile, our chief tech Doctor Huw is very much in the solid state EP-3 fan club, however that’s a debate for another time…).

These instructions were found inside a late 60s machine we had through so we captured them for posterity. Feel free to download for personal use. If you want to link to them please credit us!


[Click on the image to go to a “cleaned up” pdf version.]



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