Roland Echo Servicing.

Update January 2021 – we are not currently accepting service work outside of warranty repairs.

Our service department has limited spare capacity: we are now taking on selected service work – initially only Roland tape echoes.

Please read all the info below and then, if you wish to proceed, follow the link and fill out the form to secure your place.

Looking for info about getting other gear serviced? Head to our FAQ.

Space Echo Service

A few important points:

  1. Currently we are only offering servicing on echoes located in the UK and mainland Europe. 
  2. Slots are very limited – initially there will just be a few machines taken each month and booking no more than 3 months ahead.
  3. We will update this page if all slots are taken, but there may be a delay of a few days in doing that!


Service (details below) includes 12 month warranty with certificate, plus return shipping.

For UK prices will have 20% VAT added.

RE-150, RE-201, RE-301 = £350

RE-501, SRE-555 = £450

Additional shipping to mainland Europe: £45*

MULTIPLE MACHINES: If you have more than one machine, and can ship them together, then additional units will be discounted by £50 (unless another discount has already been applied).

Payment strictly in advance to secure your slot. This includes a non-refundable receiving deposit of £150 per machine. See below for full details of the service work, deposit, how to ship your machine etc.


If you’re ready to proceed then please fill out this form to be informed of time slot availability and receive your invoice.

Once payment has been made, your slot is secure and you may ship your machine to us – see below for further info.

Payment of the invoice indicates that you agree to all the terms and conditions on this page. Should you subsequently decide not to proceed for any reason, £150 is strictly non-refundable if your machine has been received by us; return shipping of £25 (£65 Europe) will also be charged.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.



Packing and shipping your echo to us:

Please make sure you include a covering note including your name and address attached to the machine (not on the outside box or loose in the parcel). We are not responsible for the fate of anonymous echoes arriving in our busy workshop. Please email us the tracking number, but under no circumstances may you ship until the invoice is paid – machines that arrive without a deposit risk joining the eternal waiting room queue! Take great care with packing – shipping is at your risk; you’ll not be able to claim on your insurance if the packaging is deemed to be inadequate. We strongly recommend that you read the info on how to pack on our site here. We recommend booking your shipping through Parcel Monkey or a similar service to get the best price.


What is included in a “service”?

The fee covers cleaning the machine, including all pots, switches, sockets, heads and internal surfaces, new tape and felts, a replacement of the VU meter bulb with LED if needed, and calibration and setup to factory spec as far as existing heads and motor will allow (and beyond for RE-501/SRE-555 where we adjust for self-oscillation as standard – advise if you do NOT require this). Your echo will be thoroughly tested to ensure it meets our standards before we return it – both in the workshop on the ‘scope, and on our office test bench with our ears. All machines ship with a Soundgas certificate of authenticity.


Will my machine be as good as one of the ones you sell?

That will very much depend on what we have to work with, and, to a degree, how much you want to spend. The best echoes we sell are either low-use machines or have had a lot of parts swapped to change how they are performing. The service we are offering here is to make your machine as good as it can be without swapping any of the major components (heads and motor being the most important in this respect). Swaps of both are possible, but that is when it can get expensive and may or not be economical versus part-exchanging your worn machine and taking a “new” one from us. So if yours is a faithful machine that’s had a lot of run time (but quite possibly didn’t cost you much when you picked it up 10 or 20 years ago) then what you get back will be that machine on its best day. A worn motor may add a little wow and flutter but that will be minimised of course; worn heads may change the sound slightly, but properly aligned they will be even and performing as they should otherwise.



This is included in the service cost and covers non-consumables that we have worked on for a period of 12 months (home/studio use only). Items not worked on during the service that subsequently fail are not be covered (for example if motor or reverb tank did not need work at the time), however we will endeavour to organise a quick repair. Warranty is strictly non-transferable, and does not cover machines that are used for gigging (although once again, if you have a problem, we will deal with it as quickly and cost-effectively as possible).



Please note that installing any tape other than one supplied by Soundgas or Echofix will invalidate the warranty. Your machine will be set up for this tape spec and others may not work properly or may cause the machine to malfunction. Read more about tape selection.


What about additional work?

If the machine requires more than a basic service, a further charge for parts/time will be incurred (e.g. pinch wheel, pots/switches, motor rebuild, replacement reverb etc). We will inform you following our initial assessment and advise you of any additional costs prior to the completion of the work. If you know of any existing faults with the machine, please let us know as we may be able to give more information on additional costs/viability. Also as noted above, we are finding that it is the RE-501 and SRE-555 units that are becoming the hardest to fix (due to parts and their design/complexity).

These are some of the most common additional jobs:

  • A “new” pinch roller: £65 – Note that this is NOT a silicone roller as these require an excessive amount of pressure to get the machine to perform as it should; we fit original rollers with new rubber and a new bearing.
  • A motor rebuild – £65 – We dismantle, re-grease and change the bearings in your motor; this is much cheaper than a replacement motor but has the downside that the end result is limited by how worn the motor is inside.
  • A head re-lap – cost of this (resurfacing worn heads) will depend on how bad the heads are, but it is a labour intensive process. However it is cheaper than replacement heads taken from another machine – if we believe this is required then we will probably advise that a replacement machine makes more sense.


How quick is it?

We will aim to have your machine back to you within three to four weeks of arrival, although it may well be sooner and could also take longer. If you want a quick turnaround that may be possible but we need to know BEFORE you send your machine.


What if I miss my service slot?

That’s no problem. Just let us know and we will tell you the next available slot for receiving your machine.


Can you service any machine no matter what condition? 

No. This service is intended for machines that are operational (or have been up until relatively recently): this is not for basket cases or excessively-worn units. Given that a motor rebuild costs £80 and replacement heads £75 each plus fitting, a machine in poor condition is unlikely to be viable for repair. Machines we deem beyond economic repair will be returned and an assessment fee of £150.00 plus return shipping deducted from the refund. If your machine is non-functional or has not run for a significant length of time please contact us to discuss. Part exchange on machines that we can use for parts may be possible depending on condition.


Return shipping

Insured/tracked return shipping is included in the service price*.

IMPORTANT: we cannot store machines here for more than 2 weeks once they are ready. If for any reason you are not able to receive your machine back within that time we will need to invoice for storage at a rate of £10+VAT per week or part thereof.

*Dependent on location.


If you’re ready to proceed then please fill out this form and we will tell you what service slots we have available and issue an invoice.

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