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Mu-tron Bi-phase Setting & Recall Sheets

Scans of the three original settings sheets for the mighty Bi-phase, plus a blank recall sheet to print and use.



Surrey Spectrum Shifter Manual

A scan of the manual for this rare piece of equipment (similar to a Bode...).


Sound Clips

Steal These Wavs! Free Samples…

Readers' wavs. Not drowning - just wav-ing. Use your sat wav. Etc. Recordings of old music gear doing things. Make something cool with them and send it to us.


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Using the Eventide H910 in Control Voltage (CV) or Keyboard modes

Although described in the H910 manual, the CV and Keyboard modes are less well known than Manual control, and this brief guide is aimed to help you get the best from your H910.



Ursa Major 8×32 Digital Reverberator Manual

The manual for this rack unit. Love the cover, and it's a great example of early digital reverb tech. The four presets are great on this box (and all can then be tweaked).



Binson Echorec Demo Videos

Some of our favourite videos (mostly our own!) of Echorecs in action. Includes demos featuring guitar, synths & drum machines, as well as some super-slow modified machines.


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What’s the Maximum Delay Time of a Roland Space Echo?

How slow can a Space Echo go? How long is the longest repeat? We dig into the variations in design, effects of age, & there's more about bad tape...



Mu-tron Bi-phase Owners Manual

Complete text from the original Mu-tron Bi-Phase manual. While the Bi-Phase isn't necessarily our absolute "favourite" phaser, there's no escaping the fact that it's one that gets regular use for its versatility and great sound.



Market Electronics (Maestro) Echoplex EP-2 Instructions

'Instructions for use of "Sound On Sound" Echoplex' - a scan of the original instructions for an EP-2 valve tape echo.


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Korg General Catalogue 1978

A high-res scan of a Japanese Korg / Keio catalogue from around 1978. Features all the MS and PS synths, plus MP drum machines, accessories and more.



CRB Diamond Voco-Strings Schematic

Schematic and some info about this crazy-rare Italian vocoder / string synth.



Korg Stage Echo SE-500 Schematic

The circuit diagram for Korg's big tape echo - pdf to download.

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