Binson Echorec Demo Videos

Some of our favourite videos (mostly our own!) of Echorecs in action. There are some with guitar but we’re also big fans of taking them far from Pink Floyd territory and pairing them with various synths and drum machines and exploring some of what they can do in a modern set up. You’ll also hear some of the super-slow modified machines we have produced which are incredible for far-out sound sculpting. Models in use are mostly valve Echorec 2 T7E units, but also some with Echorec Baby action further down the page.

First up is one that’s way better than any of ours – Matt Morton with his Soundgas Echorec 2 and Moog IIIc (this was his main rig for the Apollo 11 score – we spoke to him about that process and posted a load more videos here):

Next we have Dan from That Pedal Show in the Soundgas Studio getting into an Echorec 2 with guitar (and if you want more the episode where That Pedal Show try one our Binsons for the first time and compare it to pedals is well worth a watch):

Two weird drum machine demos featuring a super-rare MPC-1 with Echorec 2 T7E (swipe for the second one):

More Binson Echorec with clean guitar – 4 clips here:

This is an old one – our machines are better now they’re done completely in house – however it shows the Echorec overdrive on a simple synth arpeggio nicely:

A favourite showing how a Binson and a monosynth (especially a Korg 700S 🙂 ) is sometimes all you need:

More MPC-1 super-slow weirdness – shows off some of the extreme possibilities of our Binson Varispee modification:

Clean synth demo:

Cranked Echorec Baby with guitar:

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