ECHO Clouds Hill Floppy Disc Delay

One of the 20 units that will be made in the main production run of this remarkable and...

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One of the 20 units that will be made in the main production run of this remarkable and unique piece of equipment – now available exclusively from Soundgas.

We have first stock of Clouds Hill’s superb new valve booster the Laut. See it here now.

We are incredibly-excited to announce our partnership with Germany’s Clouds Hill: we have the worldwide exclusive dealership for their incredible Floppy Disc Delay (FDD). To find out more about this unique effect read Tony’s blog post and see the demos now for a detailed review and links to demos.

These are genuinely unique machines, with a wealth of creative possibilities when controlled via an expression pedal or cv/gate inputs. There are a couple of issues with the format/design: you do need to use it with a desk to get self-oscillation – they don’t have a massive feedback tail even on maximum (the repeats degrade pretty quickly due to the recording medium) – and we find the wet/dry mix level needs to be almost fully-wet to get the balance we like. These are minor niggles but are worth mentioning – it’s a stunning echo with a very unusual sound and feature set.

These machines represent the end product of about 3500 hours of design, development and testing and are built to the highest standard.

For sales in UK/EU the price will include VAT. VAT-free sales are possible to businesses and individuals in the EU (outside the UK) with a valid VAT Number – please get in touch if you wish to buy this way.

Supplied with a universal 15v power supply for use anywhere in the world.

Four demos below. The first two are excerpts from the brand new demo of the 2nd Edition Unit. The two below are using the original prototype unit.

The new @cloudshillmusic #floppydiscdelay is here. Patched in courtesy of a @boredbrainmusic #patchulator8000. Part one sees our intrepid synth nerd begin exploring the new machine. CV is controlling the fabulous ‘Random Age’ setting (easily our favourite). Things degenerate from here on. There’s 27 minutes of bleeptastic noodling to edit – part two follows when we’ve had a breather… by @soundgasltd

Part 2 of our spaced out first foray into the mind-bending universe of the @cloudshillmusic #floppydiscdelay. The second run of these hand built machines is very limited – for sale exclusively on . I’m using the @boredbrainmusic #patchulator8000 to patch my Korg 700S into the delay. There’s more to come in part 3… by @soundgasltd



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