Soundgas Type 636P2 Manual

The extended version of the manual that comes with our Type 636P2 2-channel germanium preamp – our zero-compromise recreation of the legendary Grampian mic preamp circuit. Includes a guide to the controls, additional information on the circuit, some notes on use from chief engineer on the project Ben Hirst, plus a potted history of the project from Tony.

Download the pdf.

What is the Soundgas Type 636P2?

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Grampian 636 Instructions & Schematics

Directory of original Grampian documentation we have, including tech specs, schematics and articles, to view and download.


Soundgas Type 636P Manual

The one page "manual" that comes with our Type 636P germanium preamp - our zero-compromise recreation of the legendary Grampian mic preamp circuit.


Grampian Type 636 Operating Instructions

Grampian Type 636 Operating Instructions & Technical Specification reproduced into a searchable format.


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Video from the Q&A session we did on the Grampian and Soundgas Type 636 units, plus an update on the Soundgas 636 build. Also Jane Weaver!


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