Bandive Great British Spring

Serviced, excellent condition and full working order. Vintage Great British Spring dual channel reverb made in England by Bandive....

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Serviced, excellent condition and full working order. Vintage Great British Spring dual channel reverb made in England by Bandive. This is the stereo version with XLR ins and outs.

A feat of British ingenuity – a pair of Accutronics spring tanks housed in a length of plastic drainpipe…

It has the XLR in/outs (please note that for some reason on these units, inputs are wired pin 1 hot so may require custom-made cables to interface correctly with some equipment) and input level can be adjusted by a small screw dial (some crackling can occur on adjustment after long periods – use or Deoxit will rectify this).

It’s been tested, serviced as required and checked for safety and comes with an original 240v Bandive/Accessit power supply (the one that can be used to power up to four Accessit units)

As it is a UK 240v model, it will require a step-up transformer for use in countries with 110/120v mains supplies. We do not recommend using cheap generic Chinese mains transformers and can supply or recommend a high quality UK-made transformer if required.

The GBS has a good long reverb tail and sounds great with guitar – but we’ve found it really shines as a studio effect with whatever you put through it: keys, synths, vocals, loops, beats… We have one in our studio permanently hooked up to an aux send: has a character that is very had to replicate digitally and sounds great in the mix – almost plate-like (and of course you can always give it a little kick if things are getting too polite during the mix…).


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