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Amidst the constant waves of noise that wash over us daily, creating attention-grabbing sounds is more vital than ever...


Stand out from the crowd. Our selection of classic, exotic, and super-rare effects and outboard is ready to help you shape your sounds. Remote access to a truly unique collection of gear.

Now available in real-time – more info in this blog post.

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"It sounds incredible. This shouldn’t be a surprise to me but I find myself shocked at how little I need to do to make this all work together, as all these processes are so perfectly balanced. Why did we ever go digital?"

Ben Frost


Get remote access to a unique collection of effects and outboard.

Soundgas founder, Tony Miln, has spent nearly thirty years bringing together an eclectic selection of classic, bespoke, exotic, and downright weird gear that lives in the Soundgas Studio.

Taking the sonic road less travelled and exploring the outer reaches of recording equipment and techniques has led to many discoveries and new uses for long-forgotten devices.

This incredible resource is now available to help shape the sounds in your music via the Soundgas Studio Service: wherever in the world you are.

Whether you wish to give us detailed direction, or simply ask us to ‘Soundgas it’, we can tailor our service to your individual requirements.

Each piece possesses its own sonic signature; by selecting a chain of multiple processors our experienced engineers can sculpt a unique sound for your music.

Hear what the Soundgas Studio can do.


Send us your music and comments – be it stems, sounds, samples, or a whole mix – and let us do the rest.

Read the Info & FAQs about our service.

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Whether you wish to choose specific pieces of gear, have a sonic brief/reference for us or just want us to 'Soundgas It!'



We have a growing library of sound clips from the studio.

Here’s what we did with some string stems (supplied by Calum Minuti-Goold) treated with various combinations of equipment.


Tubes, wires, capacitors, transistors. Something special happens to sound when signals pass through circuitry. That larger than life three dimensional sonic character is hard to achieve via software alone.

Every piece of vintage gear is subtly different: individual components change over time; historic repairs and modifications result in a unique sonic signature; something even the best-designed plugins can’t emulate.

The Gear...

Full studio gear list is here (perpetual work in progress!), but some pieces are undoubtedly at the core our sound…

Reverbs: our pair of Grampian 636 units, a Kawasaki broadcast reverb, and an every-growing number of “secret weapon” Japanese and European 60s/70s units that each have a character of their own.

Early Digital: Eventide, Lexicon, Ursa Major, and of course our beloved pair of Publisons.

Tape Echo: so many… including our stunning studio RE-201 and 301 (plus as many extra machines as we need!), Tony’s treasured Echoplex EP-2, our HH Slider Echo…

Binson Echorec: machines with various modifications are always coming through on test, but our super-slow varispeed Baby and valve T7E are permanent fixtures.

And then there’s our Calrec Q Series console, the outboard, the secret weapons… read more on the full Studio Gear List…



1. Soundgas remote studio access. Available in real-time, or send your stems to us - let us add some of our unique Soundgas flavour or request your choice of effects to enhance your tracks and we’ll do the rest.

All the work is handled by one of our experienced engineers.

Read the detailed info and FAQs here, or if you are ready to book time then fill out our enquiry form now.

The remote studio service starts from £350.00 for a half day. If you have sufficient bandwidth, we can now work with you in real time so you can direct our engineers as they treat your sounds.

Other options are available including:

2. Bespoke remote studio lock out

Do you have a large project that requires a little more of the Soundgas ingredient? Book a remote studio lock out, the Soundgas studio and engineer will work remotely with you for the required number of days. Bespoke service; all jobs priced individually- give us some details via our Enquiry Form and we’ll be in touch to discuss options.

3. On site studio hire

Come and work on site at the Soundgas Studio with our own Soundgas engineer and full access to all our equipment. Limited slots available. Contact us if you wish to discuss this option.


“I think it’s one of the main reasons we buy gear. For inspiration. Well now there's a new way to get that inspiration. Soundgas it!”

Dan Watts

Film/TV Composer


We’re building a library of examples of what the studio can do, including playlists that focus on individual pieces or types of gear. These sounds below feature our two Publison units, but you can find many more playlists here.


"Thanks so much for sending these and for taking the time to go through my stems and making magic happen!! I really love what you’ve sent and the machines that you chose. Would definitely love to use the studio service again."

Hinako Omori

Get in touch now to discuss your requirements.

No need to have a precise brief at this stage. Just give us as much information as you can and we will provide guidance on what we can do for you.



We stand behind our gear with a guarantee of your satisfaction - see the FAQ section above for full details and buy with complete confidence.


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Get in touch via the contact page. We know & love our gear and we want to ensure you get something that matches your needs (that, and we just like talking gear).

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