VOX AC-10 Twin

British-made Vox AC-10 Twin valve (tube) amp in reasonable cosmetic condition and superb working order. This lovely vintage amplifier...

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British-made Vox AC-10 Twin valve (tube) amp in reasonable cosmetic condition and superb working order. This lovely vintage amplifier has just had a full service to bring it up to spec and is ready to play. It sounds absolutely huge.
The original blue chassis Vox speakers were in very poor shape so they’ve been reconed by Wembley Loudpseakers and sound stunning.
Dating from around 1963, this is a great studio amp: all the balls and vibe of an AC-30 without the hearing damage: it sounds lovely. The tremolo is really good, the footswitch is original – the handle is a later replacement, as is the logo – however it is original where it counts and is a joy to play through. The brass vents were missing but replacements have been fitted (the best, from North Coast Music in the USA). There’s a bag of original components removed during the service which can be included if the buyer requests it.
Made by Jennings Musical Industries (JMI), these amps are highly-regarded and very sought-after and rightly-so: I bought my first one because my AC30 was just too loud to be useable at home and in the studio and haven’t looked back since. This amp’s had the 68k resistor mod done to two of the four input jacks – this really makes a difference to the way this amp sounds (especially with single coil pickups) and opens up the tonal possibilities.
The amp’s not a museum piece by any standards: it’s a stunning player’s amp that has plenty of Mojo.
The UK plug will be removed before shipping abroad unless otherwise requested.

Extra Technical Info:

Tested at 16 watts output so probably manufactured with an AC15 transformer (Albions both look to be original to amp). Pots dated Jun/Oct ’63.

All main components are original to amp. Handle, logo and vents are later replacements – footswitch is period-correct Vox ‘egg’ footswitch taken from another amp. Original blue speakers have just been reconed by Wembley Loudpseakers. Mullards are all present, though showing their age. Usual scuffs/marks to tolex edges have been touched up – presents well. Has had a different handle fitted at some point in the past. Great players’ vintage amp.

We have described this amp as accurately as possible, and welcome any observations concerning it’s history/originality.

We are always interested in buying old valve amps.


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