Moog MiniMoog Model D Reissue

Mint condition with all packaging and accessories. There's no doubting that Moog did a great job with their limited...

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Mint condition with all packaging and accessories.

There’s no doubting that Moog did a great job with their limited run of these new Minimoogs. We had the chance to play on a couple and more than one customer of ours has them in their synth arsenal. Is it the same as a vintage one? We could write on that subject at length, but the short version is that it can’t be the same as every 70s Mini because not all 70s Minis are identical in sound (and of course there were also various variations in spec and components at the time they were built with an early ’72 and a late ’78 being quite different animals). But, Moog did capture the magic of this incredible instrument (the Model D is still the one monosynth we’d keep if we had to choose), and if you want a super-stable example then one of these new ones could well be the best option for you.

This Moog Minimoog Model D reissue is for sale in full working order and with all packaging and accessories.

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This is a brokerage sale by Soundgas on behalf of the owner. The synth is not at Soundgas and we have (sadly) not had a chance to play it ourselves. As such, we can offer no guarantee on this item beyond the 14 days you have to assess it. We only work in this way with trusted clients who really understand their gear. That said, it is the buyer’s responsibility to confirm details provided in the listing by the seller are to their satisfaction – if you have any questions at all please let us know before we arrange shipping.

As a brokerage sale, payment will be made to us but will be held in escrow for the seller until the buyer confirms satisfactory receipt of the item. The buyer has 14 days from receipt to raise any concerns, after which we will release funds to the seller. Full terms available on request.


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