Laney Supergroup Mk1 Reverberation Unit

Dating from the 60s, this early white face Laney Supergroup Mk1 spring reverb is in great condition. It took...


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Dating from the 60s, this early white face Laney Supergroup Mk1 spring reverb is in great condition. It took us ages to track our first one down for the studio and we still don’t see them very often.

It is in superb working order for a 40 year-old unit; it’s just been serviced and is ready to use. It sounds fabulous: classic quality 60s spring reverb. Overdrives nicely as well.

The pots and sockets have all been cleaned and are working well, though it’s possible that some crackle may occur when the unit’s not been used for a while – should disappear with use.

In great condition for its age – some scuffs and dings to the tolex and other signs of use as you would expect but nothing major.

It is a UK 240v unit so will require a step-up transformer for use in USA/Canada. We do not recommend using cheap generic Chinese mains transformers and can supply a high quality UK-made transformers if required.

Try using a little tape delay before sending to a spring reverb, or use a digital/plug-in reverb and send the wet output from that to the spring to add character.

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