DYNACORD CLS-22 Leslie/Rotary Speaker Simulator

Dynacord CLS-22 in excellent cosmetic condition and good working order.  This is the forerunner of the CLS-222, the...

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Dynacord CLS-22 in excellent cosmetic condition and good working order. 

This is the forerunner of the CLS-222, the finest analogue Leslie/Rotary Speaker simulation unit ever made, and is a testament to German design and and attention to detail – the CLS-222 has an extra stereo setting over the 22 and an effect on/off switch on the front panel, but otherwise the CLS-22 has the same functionality and still does the job better than the competition. 

Dave Gilmour has used a CLS-222 as part of his live rig for many years: it just nails that Leslie sound in a way that no other analogue rack or pedal effect can do. 


* slow/fast/off leslie speed control via front panel and/or foot switch. 

* rotor balance (hi/lo relative volume) 

* pre-amp volume control 

* output volume control 

* one mono or 2 stereo separation options 

* front panel LEDs show treble and bass speeds 

* rear panel adjustments for fast and slow run rates 

* 1/4″ mono in, 1/4″ stereo and mono outputs, XLR outputs  

The rotor speed ramps up when started and down when stopped (and when changing from slow to fast or fast to slow) just like a real Leslie – in conjunction with a twin footswitch (not included), this can make for some wonderfully expressive playing. 

It sounds superb in mono, but really comes alive in stereo – a great way to breathe life and movement into a mono source – the super-stereo setting offers an ultra-wide panning effect which works well in the mix. 

Both the bass and treble rotor speeds can be adjusted on the rear panel for maximum flexibility. 

The ability to control the unit with a twin footswitch (not included) for start/stop and fast/slow settings make this a great live tool (and a lot easier to transport than a Leslie). 

Naturally it works beautifully with electric organs, guitars, electric pianos, synths, bass, vocals – whatever you want to put through it. Whether you want your guitar to sound like Dave Gilmour’s, your Wurli like Rick Wright’s, or anything to have that swirly psychedelic vibe, this unit does the trick. 

It’s in great condition. There’s a minimal amount of crackle when turning the Rotor balance knob, and minor hum from the mains transformer – but these are niggles and don’t affect the unit in operation. 



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