Roland Tape Echo Instruction Sheets

A couple of years ago, a customer asked us if we had any replacement instructions in English for his Japanese machine - as a result we created our Soundgas replacement instructions. We've printed them onto thick, laminated paper and you can buy them from this listing here. Or you can download them for free by clicking on the images below (they will take you to higher res version):

Roland Space Echo RE-201 Instruction Sheet
Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo Instruction Sheet
Roland RE-501 Chorus Echo Instruction Sheet
We also now have repro RE-201 tape replacement instruction stickers (courtesy of Echo Fix) for those of you who don't speak Japanese - this is the silver sticker next to the tape transport. These are not listed for sale but if you want one let us know and we'll see what we can do (definitely happy to send them out to the UK, and for the rest of the world to add one for free if you are buying anything else).
 Roland tape change sticker
This post is one of a series on the Roland tape echoes that we are compiling into an online resource for tape delay fans and users. Other instalments include talking about tape, how to choose the right tape delay, care and maintenance, and some secret tips and tricks. Find a list of them all here.

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