Our Giving Impact

Why we give

At Soundgas we believe in giving back to the people less fortunate than ourselves in the world. There are millions of people out there who can be helped - a small input from us will make a huge difference to them - for example just $0.01 provides a Kenyan child a daily dose of vitamin A to prevent against blindness. Join us to help make the word a better place. 

How we give

Soundgas is a member of B1G1 (Buy 1, Give 1) which is a social enterprise and non-profit organisation with a mission to create a world that's full of giving. 100% of all contributions made to B1G1 go directly to their projects - they've got ten year's experience of continuous innovation and development as a leading business-giving movement, with more than 100 million giving impacts achieved.


We currently make contributions to different projects within B1G1 for various things we do including shipping parcels, drinking coffee and for some of the gear sales. A good example is this one below where we support the education of street children with our Space Echo sales: 


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