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Nov 01 2016 Tags: RE-201, RE-501, Space Echo

"Got to New York from the UK in 2 days. I had two models to choose from - went with the cheaper one that wasn't 'in as good condition.' When I opened the box, it was the shiniest space echo I'd ever seen, sounds amazing, to boot. Thanks again!" Our latest Five Star feedback on Reverb for one of our serviced/guaranteed Roland RE-201 Space Echoes. Meanwhile another Roland echo delivery has just landed (this photo below was taken yesterday) so our tech's going to be keeping busy. Too many? We don't think so - our fully serviced and guaranteed machines are...

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Oct 05 2016

This is where we are going to put shorter blog posts - an intermittent window into daily life in the vintage gear mines. But... Tony hasn't started this just yet, so for now you'll have to fill up on the longer posts here (full of roughage and in-depth information). Meanwhile, here's a few shots from our recent trip to Synthfest in Sheffield (our stand and a couple of other modular highlights). Full Synthfest post coming to the long blog soon...  

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