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Sony MX-12 6-Channel Mixer

Sony MX-12 6-Channel Mixer

Brand: Sony

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12v 1970s portable mixer that delivers some brutal solid state distortion.

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Product Description

It's rare that nowadays we have time to dig into the weird boxes of dirt and distortion on the shelves and get something new (to us!) listed, but this one was too good to pass up. Technically it's three stereo channels rather than six mono, but look at the photos and you'll get the idea. The mic preamp sound is... industrial, architectural even: there is no warmth or comfort here, only sodium glare on rain spattered concrete while Brobdingnagian factories blacken the sky [not really sure what Gid's been taking, but he also assures us it "delivers some magic with beats": Ed]. The portability and 12v power makes it easy to keep on the shelf and pull out when needed, and the massive empty battery compartment is ideal for storing studio snacks.

Requires a 12v power supply (not included).


Has some scuffs and signs of age. See photos for more information.

Voltage Information

See description for more information.


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