Unleash The Power Of The G.A.S. Test

Complete the test and you could win a £200 Soundgas voucher!*

Amaze friends! Impress people you've never met! Gain deep and powerful insights into your creative process! Or maybe just check if you have a G.A.S. problem... Do you tell yourself you need one more guitar/module/pedal/compressor/synth to unlock your signature sound and truly express yourself? Or perhaps you have a zen-like ability to enjoy a simpler set up: just a laptop and/or battered old uke (while secretly wondering if that new pedal is the key to unlocking your creative potential)? Are you so focused on the gear that you occasionally forget to make any music? Do you spend more time rearranging your pedals/eurorack/Reverb searches than writing tracks? When quizzed about your latest purchase are you somewhat vague and a little evasive about how long you've had it? We're here to help. Complete the test and you'll be entered in a draw for the chance to win a £200 voucher to spend with us (*draw held on 21st March 2021; terms & conditions on our FAQ page).

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