Our half day (4 hours) rate is £350 – this allows half a day for us to download and process your sounds, and upload the results. Any less isn’t likely to be sufficient time to provide the level of service and attention to detail that we deliver.

Book your session here or if you have a job you want to discuss with us, fill out our enquiry form (or get in touch direct).

If you need more time then £550 gets you a full day’s lockout (7 hours).

More info:

  • The number and length of the files you provide will naturally determine how much variety you receive in return. Everything is processed in real time in the analogue domain: offline bouncing is not an option!
  • You can book as much time as you require, and we can add additional processing sessions at a reduced rate should you wish to revisit the same sessions at a later date (within four weeks).
  • For the half day rate (£350), the maximum track length is 12 minutes with no more than 30 total minutes of music (ie five stems of six minutes, two of fifteen, or ten of 3 minutes). If you choose to send us shorter sections for treatment (eg samples, hits and short loops), you will receive a greater variety of results in return.

We may from time to time offer introductory taster sessions for simple/specific treatments, for example processing beats through a signal chain of Grampian 636, EQ, compressor and our desk.


We stand behind our gear with a guarantee of your satisfaction - see the FAQ section above for full details and buy with complete confidence.


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Get in touch via the contact page. We know & love our gear and we want to ensure you get something that matches your needs (that, and we just like talking gear).

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