Servicing & Studio.

We are gradually increasing access to both our unique Studio and world-class Service Department.



Our collection of effects and other studio equipment can be accessed remotely (either in real time or sending files), and hiring it in person is sometimes possible. Find out more about our studio services.



UPDATE: June 2021 – our service department is still fully booked. We plan to release a limited number of service slots in the next few months. We will announce this via our mail list.

Read more general info about our service department here in our FAQ.


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“Passion Don’t Lie” – The Quest For Techs Updated

We are (finally) taking on Roland echo service work. More about that as we update our "Quest For Techs" series...


The True Cost Of Vintage Gear (The Quest For Techs Part 2)

Part two of our series about the people who can fix all this old gear, people who really KNOW it inside out. And it’s also about...


Soundgas News

Soundgas Studio Services Update

We now have limited slots available each month - thanks to our engineer, Ben Hirst, and also to our fine beta testers who've sent us some amazing...


Recording Studio

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Soundgas Studio Services – Live Access!

Soundgas Studio Services offers clients access to an incredible array of bespoke and vintage processing gear, anywhere in the world, remotely, and now also in real-time.


We stand behind our gear with a guarantee of your satisfaction - see the FAQ section above for full details and buy with complete confidence.


When buying more than one item you only pay the shipping on the item with the highest shipping cost. Calculated automatically at checkout.


Get in touch via the contact page. We know & love our gear and we want to ensure you get something that matches your needs (that, and we just like talking gear).

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