Offered for sale here is this well-used IC400 Vari Speed Copicat. Complete with seventies 'space age' lettering:...

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Offered for sale here is this well-used IC400 Vari Speed Copicat. Complete with seventies ‘space age’ lettering: probably the most versatile of all the Copicats, with three echo replay heads and the all-important variable speed motor for accurate tempo-matched repeats (or crazy dive-bombing feedback dub effects).


This Vari-speed Copicat is in good working order but tired cosmetic condition (please see photos). It’s had a full mechanical and electrical service and has been fitted with a three-core earthed mains cable for electrical safety – the heads have been cleaned and demagnetised and any failing parts replaced. The case is very scuffed/worn, and there are a few scuffs and scratches to the paintwork.

This isn’t the most perfect IC400 we’ve had, but it has bags of character and is very useable – it’s for someone who isn’t looking for Hank Marvin style clean echoes, but wants a delay with some sonic grunge and rawness.

It’s a very inspiring machine to play: I absolutely love the tone of the repeats when they break up into self-oscillation. 

The echoes are reasonably even across all heads, and self-oscillate raucously when the sustain knob is turned up. The repeats have that pleasing analogue warmth that comes from tape and which sits so well behind whatever you’re playing: this is not a crisp digital delay unit… A very creative tool when mixing, and great for dub-style feedback delays which sound wonderful – it’s very easy to get lost creating hypnotic feedback rhythms when ‘playing’ this machine.

 All knobs are crackle-free (some crackle may develop over time through lack of use – this is easily rectified by a few turns or in excessive cases, a squirt of switch cleaner). There are no known issues with this unit.

 It’s fitted with a new genuine WEM tape – because Copicats only use a short length of tape (compared to Echoplexes or Space Echoes) the tape should be changed regularly for optimum performance. We can supply quantities of tape loops if required.

It is a UK 240v model so will require a step-up transformer for use in countries with 100-110v mains supplies; the UK plug will be removed for overseas deliveries unless otherwise requested (will be left on for USA/Canada/Japan).

 Many Copicats on Ebay are not in great shape and (at best) need a service – this one is working fine, apart from the faults detailed, but please be aware that it is a vintage unit and may not take kindly to being shipped. It will be well-packed, but if it’s not behaving as it should on receipt, please get in touch.

 We are passionate about supplying high quality vintage gear to our customers and go the extra mile to ensure complete satisfaction.

Shipping discount available if paying by bank transfer.


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