Rapidly becoming a modern mix classic: a Telefunken Echomixer for sale in exceptional condition, with original box and manual....

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Rapidly becoming a modern mix classic: a Telefunken Echomixer for sale in exceptional condition, with original box and manual.

A testament to early sixties German engineering and build quality: the Echomixer is a spring reverb unit with all-discrete components, germanium transistors and a great sound from the Gibbs tank.

See below for more information about how these units work.

IMPORTANT NOTE: WE HAVE NOT MODIFIED THIS UNIT AS WE USUALLY DO. Click here to see one of our modified Echomixers (DIN plugs swapped for 1/4″ jack etc). This means it has the original DIN sockets on the inputs – we can make DIN-jack cables if required for £20 each. However, note that it has come to us with a trailing 1/4″ output lead already fitted (but with the original DIN plug supplied so it can be converted back if you want a completely original, if somewhat impractical, unit).

Channel A is for unprocessed signals, Channels B & C pass through the spring reverb.

It’s can be very clean-sounding unit but overloading the inputs can work wonders.

Sought-after by award-winning producers, engineers and artists, these units have a particularly smooth un-spring-like sound when used lightly.

Please note that this is a very sensitive spring unit and will need to be positioned away from vibrations and knocks.

Condition is near mint. Has a few minor scuffs and scratches only, plus the trailing DIN output lead has been swapped for a longer one with a 1/4″ jack. The box is intact but has tape on it.

As it is an EU 240v model, it will require a step-up transformer for use in countries with 100-120v mains supplies.

Spring reverbs are a great ‘secret weapon’ to have in the studio arsenal – not just for the ‘boingy’ effect as used by dub and reggae pioneers such as Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, but also for adding that unmistakable classic shimmery vibe to electric guitars. It’s a sound that lends itself well to modern production: the perfect treatment for overly-sterile  digital delays and reverbs and it can be heard all over today’s music. Whether it’s cutting-edge dubstep from Rusko, or a top pop mix engineer like Tom Elmhirst (who used vintage spring reverb all over the last Adele album), the sound of springs is everywhere right now (check Alabama Shakes’ album, Boys & Girls).

Of course it sounds great with guitars – but we’ve found it really shines as a studio effect with whatever you put through it: keys, synths, vocals, loops, beats… it has a character that is very had to replicate digitally and sounds great in the mix – almost plate-like (and of course you can always give it a little kick if things are getting too polite during the mix…).

Try using a little tape delay before sending to a spring reverb, or use a digital/plug-in reverb and send the wet output from that to the spring to add character.


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