Teisco Del Ray Vegas 66

Stunning vintage guitar, dating from c1966 (see below for info from Vintage Guitar). This is a gorgeous and...

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Stunning vintage guitar, dating from c1966 (see below for info from Vintage Guitar). This is a gorgeous and rare guitar and a worthy homage to Gibson’s revered 335. Everyone in the office has fallen for this one… In superb condition with only minor flaws, complete with case which appears to be original.

Here is a list of the flaws as most do not show up well in the photos: Small chips and signs of wear on the headstock; very few signs of damage or wear on the neck, almost pristine; cracks present on the lacquer finish of the body; Small chips and cracks on the sides of the body; a few spots of oxidation across the metal sections of the guitar.

Click on the photos to zoom in and see more shots.

From Vintage Guitar:

The top of the archtop line featured two very nifty new models called the Vegas 40 and Vegas 66. The Vegas 40 (Teisco Del Rey EP-11T) double-cutaway thinline was promoted both in Japan and the U.S. It was a full size ES-335-style with two pickups (the large rectangular type with chrome sides and black insert, square poles), bound f-holes, volume and tone controls on the lower bout (no plastic plate) and a fancy new angular archtop Bigsby and roller bridge. The pickup selector was a rotary switch on the lower horn with a new round knob with a lever (versus the old chicken beak). The bolt-on neck had a new three-and-three head with a flared “check mark” indentation in the top, with wide wings on either side, a shape that would characterize a number of other models later in the decade. The fingerboard was bound, with dots. On the Japanese version, the headstock carried a zippy new typeface proclaiming “Vegas 40,” while the pickguard used a similar angular script for the Teisco logo. The Teisco Del Rey carried its regular sticker. Along side the Vegas 40 in the Japanese catalog (but not the Teisco Del Rey) was the Vegas 66, presumably named for the year. No descriptions of this are available, but it appeared to be almost identical to the Vegas 40. It cost just slightly more than its brother (1,000 yen), possibly due to better materials

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