One of the most sought-after fuzz pedals of all time and proof that the devil does have all...

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One of the most sought-after fuzz pedals of all time and proof that the devil does have all the best tunes…. A Shaftesbury Duo Fuzz made in Japan by Shin-ei for Rose Morris in the UK. This vintage pedal is in excellent working order & very good cosmetic condition for a pedal dating from the mid 60s to the early 70s.


I’d previously thought the hype about these pedals was crazy… until I finally got to try one out. Now I wouldn’t be without mine – my Desert Island fuzz pedal: it’s the one I’d save if the studio caught fire – adds bags of oomph to whatever you put through it. Filth, fuzz, octave and attitude: it doesn’t get any better, or nastier, than this. Makes a Tele kick sand in Les Paul’s face…
A guitarist friend who’s a real tonehound tried out a bunch of our favourite vintage fuzz pedals and this one just put a huge grin on his face immediately: it stood out from the crowd (and a fine crowd – early Muffs, Lovetone, Tonebender, Analogman, etc etc). He couldn’t stop playing through it – “it just inspires and amazes. Great big chunks of filth and grunt. Awesome!”


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