Schulte Compact Phasing 'A' & Original Control Pedal

Our favourite phaser, the often unpredictable but always brilliant Schulte Compact Phasing 'A' - for sale in perfect...


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Our favourite phaser, the often unpredictable but always brilliant Schulte Compact Phasing ‘A’ – for sale in perfect working order and excellent cosmetic condition.

This is one of my own units from the studio. It comes with our custom controller that unlocks the full functionality of the unit – details below. We can sell it without (get in touch for a price) but you really need it if you want to get the most from this superb piece of kit.

Made in Germany in the early 70s by Gerd Schulte Audio, these stereo analogue phasers found favour with some of the most iconic artists of the seventies, including Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd, JM Jarre, and Rainbow’s John Lord and Ritchie Blackmore. Its use by many of the early seventies’ most influential German groups has lead to it becoming known as the ‘Krautrock Phaser’.

It took me years of hunting to find one of these for the studio – not many were made, and they don’t come up for sale very often as people tend to hang on to them. I’ll certainly not be selling mine in a hurry – the thick filter-sweep style stereo phasing is unlike any other phaser we’ve had – utterly addictive and inspiring to play through – a mix essential for me.

Though it’s capable of some very subtle and lush effects, it’s when you really crank it up that things get interesting: this is unlike any other phaser – it has a sound (and a life) all of its own and at extreme settings is almost filter-like. It’s not the most intuitive phaser to use when you first get started – the controls interact in unusual ways – but it rewards perseverance with some amazing sounds.

Comes with a custom dual footswitch (also available separately via this link) which unlocks all the control/switching options. See the photos for what it looks like; it has two footswitches for LFO start/stop and fast/slow speed selection, and twin rotary pots for the manual control (centre frequency) and fast speed setting.

It’s a UK/EU 240v model, but can be jumpered internally to operate at 110v – otherwise a step-up transformer can be used – we do not recommend using cheap generic Chinese mains transformers and can supply high quality UK-made transformers if required.

Here’s a quick instagram video of one of our Schultes in use with a Gurus 1959 pedal:

Also check out this YouTube demo (not the unit for sale – the phaser comes in at about 4 minutes):

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