Mu-Tron 1173 Digital Delay

A very cool early digital rack delay unit made by Mu-tron (ARP) - the last of the Mu-tron line...

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A very cool early digital rack delay unit made by Mu-tron (ARP) – the last of the Mu-tron line of effects. 

These early delays are highly-regarded for their great sound and features: the freeze function is especially fun and inspiring to use, simply freezing and repeating whatever sounds playing at the time like a primitive sampler. The five Delay Select buttons switch between delay times ranging from 2.5 to 160 m/sec and the Delay Variation knob allows more precise fine-tuning.

In addition to straight delay, there’s great thick doubling effects to be had; with modulation you can create crunchy flanging effects, and then head into sci-fi space funk territory by tweaking the Feedback, Modulation Frequency and Modulation Depth knobs for all manner of crazy sound design ideas. You can control modulation via CV input, and there’s also balanced XLR input on offer.

In excellent working order – serviced and tested by us.

Very good condition – has a few scratches to the face and some rack rash.

Price includes VAT at 20% (for sales in UK/EU) – buyers outside the EU please contact us for tax-free prices. VAT-free sales possible to businesses and individuals in the EU (outside the UK) with a valid VAT Number.

100-130v model. A step-down transformers will be required for use on 220/240v supplies. We do not recommend using cheap Chinese transformers and can supply a high-quality UK-made unit if required.


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