Moogerfooger MF-104Z Analog Delay in perfect working order and very good cosmetic condition. It comes complete with the...


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Moogerfooger MF-104Z Analog Delay in perfect working order and very good cosmetic condition.

It comes complete with the original box and a UK 240V psu. Now discontinued, these are highly sought-after and not just as an investment: these are great-sounding and creative pedals for sound design – more of an instrument than an effect.

The ultimate analogue delay pedal, allowing up to 1000 m/sec delay time with CV inputs for control via an expression pedal or CV/Midi (separate Midi to CV converter required for Midi control). This is a delay pedal you can play like an instrument – seriously creative and sonically very pleasing. Switching between short and long delay settings can create some seriously twisted and dreamy sounds and rhythms.

Condition is very good – there are a few scuffs and scratches to the casing but nothing major – click on the photos to zoom in and see more images.

If buying for use outside of the EU then note that it uses a positive tip 9v power supply.

From the Moog site:

The 104Z from Moog Music is a 1000 msec totally analog delay. One Full Second of analog delay time makes the MF-104Z the longest standalone analog delay module on the market. That combined with its unmistakable sound, quality, and flexibility, make the MF-104Z an analog delay classic.

The MF-104Z sounds fantastic and like all Moogerfoogers it has controls that allow you to vary the sound in a variety of ways that you can only do with a Moogerfooger. Controls include:
Drive and Output Levels allow you to set-up the Z to match the type of signal you want to delay from low level signals (vocals,guitar) to strong signals (studio console output, drum machine). The Z is designed to work with them all.


  • Delay time: from slightly less than 50 msec to slightly more than 1000 msec.
  • Mix: Pot Control from completely Dry to completely Wet or anything in between.
  • Feedback Control mixes a portion of the delayed signal with the signal from your instrument. Feedback control can generate a single echo, sustaining echoes, or echoes that build up in chaotic ways.
  • Switchable Internal Loop / External Loop selects the feedback path. In the Internal Loop position the feedback path goes directly from the output of the delay back to the input. In the External Loop position the feedback path goes through the Loop Out Jack and the Loop In Jack. This gives you an opportunity to insert signal processing in the feedback path, thereby enabling processing of the echoes as they are generated. Very cool with another Moogerfooger (unbelievable with the MuRF).
  • Loop Gain controls the signal level which is applied to the Loop In jack when the “External Loop” is on.

Here is a listing of the jack inputs and outputs on the back of this incredible effect:
Audio In
Feedback Amount, Delay Time, and Wet/Dry Mix each of these can be controlled from a Moog Expression Pedal thru individual jacks on the back of the Z.
Mix Out and Delay Out – the Output Level on the front panel adjusts the levels of the direct and delayed signals that appear at the Mix Out and Delay Out.
Loop In and Loop Out as previously mentioned.

Cool YouTube demo below (thanks to the uploader):


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